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Joanna de Angelis Spiritist Study Group » Activities


In order to fulfill our mission, we offer a series of activities regarding Spiritism and Community and Individual Development, aiming to spread Spiritist teachings as a philosophy for life and to help our community with its issues.

Spiritist Activities and Services – Schedule

Weekly Activities

Wednesday 6:00 pm Fraternal Help
Wednesday 7:00 pm Passe
Sunday 6:00 pm Study of the Gospel According to Spiritism in Portuguese
*Study in English on the last Sunday of each month
Sunday 6:00 pm Gospel for Children

Monthly Activities

2nd Saturday 7:00 pm Prayer Time
Last Sunday 12:00 pm Fraternal Lunch

Library & Book Store

Hundreds of titles of several different Spiritist writers are available to our members who wish learn more about this philosophy. Books in three languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Tuesdays from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Wednesdays from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Sundays from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Spiritist Activities and Services- Description

Study of The Gospel in Portuguese

Weekly meetings offered to people who are interested in learning or study in depth The Gospel according to Spiritism. During these meetings, the chapters of the Gospel are studied and discussed. Through appropriate methodology, attendants are encouraged to participate and contribute to the studies, as well as to achieve self-awareness and individual transformation.

Study of Spiritism in English

The main purpose of this work is to fulfill, in the English language, the ideas of Kardec about a systematic study of Spiritism principles. Accordingly, the interested person has an opportunity to build up a main understanding of the scientific, moral and philosophical aspects of Spiritism. This is an open and ongoing study to serve the English speaking community.
This study has as reference Kardec’s foundation books and Spiritist literature available in the English language

Fraternal Help

Fraternal Help is offered with the objective to help who comes to the Spiritist group seeking for help and advice due to physical, psychological, spiritual problems, or a combination. Volunteer-workers are trained in Spiritist postulates and basic knowledge of interpersonal skills


Passe is a therapeutic technique used to promote balance on a person’s energy, body and spirit, and aims to assist in healing processes.

Systematic Study of Spiritism in Portuguese

Closed study group.

The goals of this group are:

1) to build up a broad understanding of Spiritism and its triple aspects: scientific, religious and philosophical;

2) to encourage that the knowledge acquired is used in the daily routine and individual moral transformation; and

3) to prepare volunteer-workers for JASSG’s activities

Study and Mediumistic Practice

It is a closed study group which aims to prepare volunteer-workers that want and need to educate themselves regarding theirs mediumistic faculties. The ultimate goal is to help the participants to practice their mediumship in a healthy way. It is a long-term and constant preparation, which follows the guidelines codified by Allan Kardec and presented in complementary Spiritist literature.

Prayer Time

It is an activity open to anyone in the community who wants, together, to reflect, thank God for all benefits received, or seek assistance and support to go through difficult periods. Prayer is a valuable resource in the restoration of individual and collective balance, that allows us to alter our mental vibrations and communicate with God.

Bi-Annual Spiritist Weekend

Since 2007, this is an event which has been organized by Spiritist groups in Grand Toronto Area (GTA), where worldwide speakers come to facilitate workshops and lectures about Spiritism and related subjects.

I Toronto Spiritist Weekend (Oct-2007)

In October 2007, besides celebrating the 11th Anniversary of Joanna de Ângelis Spiritist Study Group, we commemorated the 150th anniversary of “The Spirits’ Book” publication.

II Toronto Spiritist Weekend (2009)

In October 2009, we have hosted a series of presentations about communication with spirits. Guest speakers presented how spirits talk to us and influence our lives, from something subtle as inspiration to the hard scientific evidence of electronic communication.

III Toronto Spiritist Weekend (2011)

Joanna de Ângelis Spiritist Study Group, the Rest on the Way Spiritist Centre, and the Christian Spiritist Centre sponsored the III Toronto Spiritist Weekend on October 29 and 30, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario.

The theme for the III Toronto Spiritist Weekend was “Mediumship” in homage to the 150 years anniversary of the publication of The Mediums’ Book, by Allan Kardec.

III Toronto Spiritist Weekend served as a forum for the presentation of mediumship research, the examination of various concepts as they relate to both the practical and scientific aspects of mediumship, and the exchange of ideas among researchers and its practitioners.

IV Toronto Spiritist Weekend (Oct-2013)

Theme: Mental Health & Emotional Honesty

More information regarding the IV Toronto Spiritist Weekend, such as a description of the program, registration details, the announcement of the location where the event will be held in Toronto and other updates will be published when it becomes available.

For further inquiries, e-mail torontospiritistweekend@gmail.com

We hope to see you in beautiful Toronto for what is sure to be an inspiring and productive weekend.


To ensure that the commitments of the maintenance of JASSG’s activities and property we undertake various activities to raise funds in regular basis.

Fraternal Lunch

Fraternal Lunch is part of our fundraising activities and takes place on the last Sunday of the month. It also has the objective to promote the socialization of the participants.

Special Events

2011 The Word On The Street

The Word on the Street is a nonprofit organization that celebrates the reading and writing, Canadian literature, in a free outdoor annual festival.
In 2011 we participated for the first time in this festival with the primary objective to disseminate Spiritism. It was a pretty exciting experience. In our stand, we made available for sale Spiritist books in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We also had information material about Chirstian Spiritism and JASSG. Inspired by the spirits of fraternal communion and cooperative work, we displayed information about all the other Spiritist Institutions in Toronto and the region as well.

Our participation in 2011 was a pilot project, a further step in the dissemination of Spiritism to the English speaking community. With confidence in this initiative, the love and the team effort of volunteer-workers and the blessings of our spiritual brothers, we believe our participation reached our primary goal.

2012 The Word On The Street

It was with great happiness in our heart that we participated and worked together in this 2012 event.

Joanna de Ângelis Spiritist Study Group, Rest on the Way Spiritist Centre, and Toronto Spiritist Society presented the Spiritism to the community at The Word on the Street festival.