Public Activities

Every Wednesday

6 pm – 7 pm – Fraternal Help and Pass
*First come, first serve. Due to high volumes of requests for assistance, it is possible some people need to be rescheduled to following week

Every Second Saturday

7 pm – 8 pm – Prayer time

Every Sunday

6 pm – 7:30pm – Gospel for Children
6 pm – 7:30pm – Study of the Gospel in Portuguese

*Last Sunday of the month: Study of Gospel in English

Public Notice

We have currently stopped our in-person public activities due to the covid-19 situation.

We will publish on social media dates and procedures for safe return to activities once the authorities allow for the return and we have established proper safety protocols.

Please follow us at for more information.


Next Events

Within this website you will find details on current activities, programming, information on spiritist movement, books and access to the principles of Spiritism.