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Joanna de Angelis Spiritist Study Group » Federations and Movement of Spiritist Unification

Federations and Movement of Spiritist Unification

“Spiritism is a question of depth; to be bound by form would be a folly unworthy of the magnitude of the subject. Therefore, Centers which believe they fully understand true Spiritism should extend a helping hand to others, in fraternity, and so unite in order to combat the common enemies: incredulity and fanaticism.”

Allan Kardec (Posthumous Works – The Constitution of Spiritism – Item VI)

What it is

The work of the Federations and of unification of the Spiritist Movement serves to strengthen, facilitate, expand, and improve the efforts of the Spiritist Movement in its ultimate goal of promoting the study, dissemination, and practice of the Spiritism.

It derives from the fraternal, voluntary, conscientious, and operational union of Spiritists and Spiritist Institutions through the exchange of information and experiences, mutual help, and joint activities.

It is fundamental to the strengthening, improvement, and growth of Spiritist Institutions, and for the correction of eventual deviations from proper teachings and administrative practices.

What it does

It promotes a continuous contact with the Spiritist Groups, Centers, or Societies, thereby encouraging their union and integration while making available to them suggestions, expertise, and supporting programs and materials needed for their activities.

It conducts meetings, courses, fellowship gatherings, and other events directed at administrators and workers of Spiritist organizations to refresh and update the teachings knowledge and administrative procedures aimed to improving and expanding the Spiritist Institutions’ activities, and to open up new areas of action and work.

It organizes events directed at the general public for the dissemination of the Spiritism teachings, thus enabling Spiritism to be better known and better practiced.

How it is structured

It is structured through the union of the Spiritist Groups, Centers, or Societies which, while preserving their autonomy and freedom of action, join forces and sum up experiences aimed at the continuous improvement and strengthening of their activities and the Spiritist Movement in general.

By joining together, the Spiritist Groups, Centers, or Societies constitute the Federations and Entities of Unification of the Spiritist Movement at local, regional, state, or national level.

The Federations and Entities of Unification of the Spiritist Movement at the national level constitute in turn the Entity of Unification of the Spiritist Movement at the international level: the International Spiritist Council.

Guidelines for the Work of the Federations and of Unification of the Spiritist Movement:

  • The work of the Federations and of unification of the Spiritist Movement, as well as that of the union of the Spiritists and the Spiritist Institutions, is based upon the principles of fraternity, solidarity, freedom, and responsibility as prescribed by the Spiritism Teachings.
  • It is characterized by offering assistance without demanding compensation; by helping without creating conditions; by instructing without imposing results; and by uniting without inhibiting initiatives, thereby preserving the values and distinctive characteristics of both individuals and institutions.
  • The integration and participation of Spiritist Institutions in this work, which shall always be voluntary and conscientious, are carried out on the basis of equality without subordination, thus respecting and preserving the institutions’ independence, autonomy, and freedom of action.
  • The programs and supporting materials made available to the Spiritist Institutions are not obligatory. It is left to their own discretion to adopt them or not, partially or in their entirety, or to adapt them to their own needs and conveniences.
  • In all activities the methodical, deep, and constant study of the works of Allan Kardec, which constitute the Spiritist Codification, should be always encouraged while underscoring the basis on which the Teachings are established.
  • All work and activities have as their highest objective the placing with simplicity and clarity of the Spiritism Teachings’ consoling and guiding message within the reach and at the service of everyone through study, prayer, and other joint activities.
  • Work of Federations as well as activities of unification of the Spiritist Movement must always preserve the participants’ inherent right to think, create and act, as professed and praised by the Spiritism Teachings, with the understanding, however, that each and every activity must be in accordance with the works of the Codification by Allan Kardec.

The task of Spiritists

“Go forth then and take the Divine Word: to the great who will be despising; to the learned who will demand proof; to the humble and simple ones who will accept; because it is principally among the martyrs to work, this terrestrial probation, that you will encounter fervour and faith.

Fortify your phalanx with decision and courage! Hands to work! The plough is ready! The land awaits; plough!

Go forth and thank God for the glorious task which He has entrusted to you; but pay attention! Amongst those called to Spiritism many will go astray; so then, mark well your pathway and follow the truth.”

Erastus The Gospel According to Spiritism – Chapt. XX – Item 4


International Spiritist Council

The Regulations of the International Spiritist Council state that:

The International Spiritist Council (ISC) is an organization resulting from the union, on a world-wide level, of the organizations representing national Spiritist Movements.

The main purposes and objectives of the ISC are:

  • To promote the fraternal union of the Spiritist Institutions of all countries and the Unification of the International Spiritist Movement.
  • To promote the study and dissemination of the Spiritism in its three basic aspects: scientific, philosophical, and religious.
  • To promote the practice of spiritual, moral, and material charity according to the Spiritist Doctrine.

The purposes and objectives of the ISC are founded upon the Spiritism codified by Allan Kardec, and on the works which, by following its guidelines, become complementary and subsidiary to the Codification.

The programs and supporting materials offered by the ISC shall not be obligatory. It shall be left to the discretion of the Spiritist organizations of each country the decision to adopt them or not, partially or in their entirety, or to adapt them to their own needs or conveniences.

The organizations affiliated to the ISC shall maintain their autonomy, independence, and freedom of action. Their affiliation with the ISC shall be based upon, and have as its objective, solidarity and fraternal union.

The activities related in this document are proposed as suggestions. The Spiritist Institutions, at their discretion, may adopt them as their growth and development create the appropriate conditions, and at such a time as their administrators consider suitable.

Spiritist activities shall always be carried out in a manner compatible with the social environment characteristics and in full compliance with local legislation.

In the Work of Unification

“The work for the unification in our ranks is urgent, but not rushed. One assertion seems to contradict the other. But it is not so. It is urgent because it defines the goal that we should aim at; but not rushed because it is not granted to us to violate anyone’s conscience.

Let us preserve the purpose of uniting, approaching, and understanding one another; and, if possible, let us establish at every site where the name of Spiritism has been brought to light, a study group, however small, of the works of Kardec, in the light of the Christ of God.

The Spiritist Doctrine holds its essential aspects in triple configuration. Thus, no one should be restricted in their desire to work and produce. Let those inclined toward the sciences to cultivate them in their dignity; those who devote themselves to philosophy to ennoble its postulates; and those who consecrate themselves to religion to turn divine its aspirations. Yet, above all, it is necessary that the basis of the Spiritist Doctrine remain in everyone and everything so that we don’t lose the balance at the base over which the organization is raised.

To teach, but also to put into practice; to believe, but also to study; to counsel, but also to exemplify; to unite, but also to nourish.

It is indispensable that Spiritism be maintained exactly as it was conveyed to Allan Kardec by the Divine Messengers, that is, without political compromises, without religious professionalism, without degrading personalisms, and without burning desires of conquest of fleeting earthly powers.

Let us follow Allan Kardec in our studies, aspirations, activities, and deeds so that our faith does not turn into hypnosis, whereby the power of darkness establishes its influence over the weaker minds, enchaining them to centuries of illusion and suffering.

Let Allan Kardec’s work not only be believed or felt, proclaimed or manifested in our convictions, but also be sufficiently lived, suffered, wept over, and put into practice in our own lives. Without this foundation, it is difficult to forge the Christian-Spiritist character which the troubled world awaits from us through unification.

May the love of Jesus be upon all, and the truth of Kardec be for all.”

Bezerra de Menezes (Excerpts from the message “Unification”, channeled by Francisco Candido Xavier, Reformador, Dec/1975