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Joanna de Angelis Spiritist Study Group » Policies


Policies are guidelines for how the members of an organization can best work together, set standards, practices and ethics. They also adopt procedures that ensure the viability of an organization, protect its assets, financial accountability and help in dealing with misunderstandings.

Confidentiality Policy


Confidential personal information is that which contains the participant’s name or that in which the participant’s identity is readily ascertainable, and it also includes clinical judgement and/or conjecture about the condition or situation for which the individual has been referred, is receiving or has received services.

Policy Statements

The organization has an ethical and moral obligation to respect, preserve and safeguard the privacy, dignity and human rights of those individuals to whom it provides a service.

It is the policy of the organization that all confidential personal information regarding individuals who have been referred for, are receiving, or have received service in the organization.

This policy shall apply to all organization’s personnel: Board Members, persons on contact, volunteer-workers, students, and any person with whom confidential information is shared.

Violation of this policy shall most likely result in the immediate dismissal of transgressors.

Confidentiality Exceptions

The obligation to preserve confidentiality ceases when:

  • The preservation of information may cause serious harm to another person, i.e. suicide, homicide, violence, etc.
  • It is required by law, contract, or where there is a specific court order.
  • The individual authorizes in writing release of specific information.
  • The organization’s good name is threatened by non-release of the information as determined by the Board of Directors.


General Information regarding any participant shall be shared among the organization’s personnel who participate in service delivery to the individual and the information shall be limited to the extent necessary to provide services.

Volunteer-workers whose responsibilities require the processing of confidential information about other volunteers shall not divulge such information, except to the extent necessary to provide a service to that member or to address issues of a professional nature.

Record Security

Confidential material that is being discarded shall be destroyed, i.e. shredded or incinerated.

Volunteer-workers shall maintain and protect confidential information on records by locking them in desks or filing cabinets.

Records and information on computer terminals, CD’s, tapes or any other electronic devices shall be protected in the same manner as other confidential information.

Conflict of Interest Policy

A conflict of interest exists where a volunteer-worker, through his/her actions or through his/her involvement with the organization, has either:

  • the potential, real or perceived, for direct or indirect pecuniary advantage, whether for him/herself or for related individuals; or
  • the potential, real or perceived, for compromising the best interest of the organization.

Related Individuals

It shall mean spouse, common-law partner, parent, son/daughter, sibling, sibling-in-law, parent-in-law, child-in-law, step-parent, step-child, nephew, niece, grandchild and grand parent.

Policy Statement

Every volunteer-worker of the Joanna de Ângelis Spiritist Study Group is under an obligation to act in the utmost good faith towards the Joanna de Ângelis Spiritist Study Group in his/her dealings with it or on its behalf. No volunteer-worker shall place him/herself in a position where there is a potential for conflict between his/her duties as a volunteer-worker and his/her other interests. A conflict will be deemed to exist where a volunteer-worker’s action fall within the definition of the conflict of interest as detailed above.

Where contracts with funders stipulate conflict of interest terms, the more stringent of the Joanna de Ângelis Spiritist Study Group policy or contractual terms should apply.


Where a volunteer-worker, either on his/her own behalf or while acting for, by, with or through another, is in any way directly or indirectly interest in an existing or proposed contract, transaction or arrangement with the Joanna de Ângelis Spiritist Study Group or who otherwise has a conflict of interest and is present at a Joanna de Ângelis Spiritist Study Group’s meeting where the matter is the subject of consideration, he/she:

  • shall, prior to any consideration of the matter at the meeting, disclose his/her interest and the general nature thereof;
  • remove him/herself from the meeting while the matter is being considered;
  • shall not attempt in any way whether before, during or after the meeting to influence the voting on any such question.

Where the said volunteer-worker is not present at a Joanna de Ângelis Spiritist Study Group’s meeting and his/her actions may potentially violate this policy, he/she:

  • shall disclosure in writing to the President of the Board, the nature and extent of such interest so that determination can be made as to where a conflict of interest does exist; and
  • shall not attempt in any way to influence those deciding on the awarding of the contract, transaction or arrangement that is the subject of the conflict.


The board of directors may allow a declared interest to continue where the contract or arrangement provides obvious benefits to the Joanna de Ângelis Spiritist Study Group and where reasonable attempts have concluded that is unlikely that any other party can provide this advantage to the Joanna de Ângelis Spiritist Study Group.

Where such an arrangement is made the Joanna de Ângelis Spiritist Study Group shall monitor it for the life of the arrangement to ensure that the foregoing conditions continue to be satisfied.

Non discrimination Policy

Joanna de Ângelis Spiritist Study Group (JASSG) has adopted and upholds equal opportunity and non-discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity/race, creed, colour, national origin, political or religious affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family relationship and disability.