Toronto Spiritist Weekend 2013

Mental Health & Emotional Honesty

Toronto Spiritist Weekend

“1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental health issue in their lives” (ONTARIO GOVERNMENT, 2013).

Mental health problems are among the greatest challenges faced by our coun­try according to government statistics, which recently prompted a campaign on this subject.

The IV Toronto Spiritist Weekend objective is to give important guidelines about internal changes you can make on your emotional state in order to have a balanced mental health and find your inner peace. A person in a state of mental fixation sees nothing, hears nothing, feels nothing or notices nothing beyond themselves, an object or fact that their mind has captured and crystallized.

The mental fixation can last for decades or even, for various incarnations. The soul isolates itself from the external world, whilst visualizing solely on the core of instability, maintaining paralyzed, dominated by distressing occurrences, recent or from the remote past.

Facing our emotions is not easy at all but it is extremely important to know ourselves, understand our limits and find balance in our emotions and feelings.

Video invitation

Our guest speaker gives a quick preview of what is about to come.

Schedule of activities

Saturday, Oct 26 – 9:30 am – Spiritual Obsessions and Its Psychological Correlations

Location: Joanna de Angelis’s main office – 1357B Dundas Street West (see map and contact us)
Presenter: Adenauer Novaes

This talk addresses the factors that can trigger obsession as well as its causes. It draws parallels between the psychological and the spiritual cause leading us towards awareness while presenting alternative solutions for the problem of the spiritual obsession.

Saturday, Oct 26 – 6:00 pm – Alchemy of Love, Depression, Healing & Spirituality

Location: Bloor St United Church, 300 Bloor St West (see map)
Presenter: Adenauer Novaes

This talk presents mechanisms to deal with guilt in order to reach happiness, addressing the main fears which interfere in its search. This seminar also addresses depression in a familiar, psychological and spiritual approach, showing ways to overcome it when someone in the family is in crisis.

Sunday, Oct 27 – 10:00 am – Psychology of the Spirit

Location: Joanna de Angelis’s main office – 1357B Dundas Street West (see map and contact us)
Presenter: Adenauer Novaes

This talk analyzes several mental problems and their correlation with spiritual influences. It establishes the difference between the psychological and mediumistic processes and proposes adequate treatments.

A bit about our guest speaker – Adenauer Novaes

Adenauer Novaes is graduated in Civil Engineering and analytical psychology (or Jungian psychology). He works as Clinical Psychologist and teaches the subject. Wrote over 20 books about psychology and Spiritism.

Novaes coordinates courses, seminars and conferences in Brazil, Europe and US disseminating the Spiritism. He is also a Director of non-profit organization Fundação Lar Harmonia, Spiritist centre Harmonia and Spiritist centre Casa de Redenção Joanna de Ȃngelis, in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Fundação Lar e Harmonia was founded in 1992 and its mission is to contribute to the awakening of self-consciousness and self-determination of the human. Promoting social life in case he/she is a being in need, helping to develop the psychic, social, emotional and spiritual.

Fundação Lar Harmonia has a full-time school where receives 100 needy children. In 2001 started the daycare services with capacity for 200 children. Both services are integrated with a social work where the children’s family members are involved.

The house is maintained by the donations, beneficent events, copyright of the edited books, courses, seminars and workshop realized in the house.